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Exercise Testing System

Take your VO2 testing to a higher level.

The MedGraphics VO2000 will meet the needs of the research center, sports medicine clinic, sports team, nutritionist, rehab facility, athletic club and classroom. The VO2000 stores data in on-board memory for later download, works remotely with continuous data feed from the telemetry option, or operates connected to a PC.





The compact, lightweight design may be worn with a contoured athletic belt or three point harness. The patented preVent™ mask is form fitting, comfortable and significantly lighter than standard masks.




Easy To Use

The small size makes this highly portable and with the quick connect, setup is a snap. The VO2000 uses a patented, handsfree auto-calibration. No calibration syringes or gases are required.





Patented sampling techniques and enhanced gas analysis provide highly accurate and reliable metabolic measurements

under a variety of testing conditions.





The VO2000 is one of the most affordable metabolic systems available. It comes complete with all the accessories you need to start testing.




BreezeSuite™ Software

The BreezeSuite software runs on Windows 2000™ and XP Professional™ PC’s and requires no additional hardware components. Results can be printed on a standard PC compatible printer. Configurable screens and graphs offer powerful assessment tools. Important markers such as anaerobic threshold can be automatically detected, even from a submaximal test!