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ST80i Stress Testing System
The next generation of stress-testing!

Fueled by the workflow needs of clinicians, the Philips ST80i Stress Testing System opens up new avenues for productivity and decision-making.
ST80i features a wireless patient experience, bi-directional connectivity and advanced decision support tools that enhance data review, patient care and workflow efficiency.
Designed with clinicians and patients in mind, ST80i brings cutting-edge technology and clinical-support tools into customizable and easy-to-use software.

The result is a flexible and intuitive solution designed to present stress-testing data useful in streamlining clinical decision making and productivity.

Key advantages


- Facilitates clinical workflow by wirelessly performing stress procedures in an intuitive, customizable format.


- Provides advanced clinical decision support tools to assist with clinical evaluation.


- HIS connectivity to quickly acquire patient demographics and orders to speed workflow.


- Interfaces with Intellibridge ECG Management System to enhance workflow of ECG, Stress and Holter.


- Ability to include electronic signature.


- Export final reports to the hospital electronic medical record (EMR) upon completion of report.








Smart, streamlined solutions


An untethered patient experience

Freeing your patient from wires and decreasing the likelihood of motion interference, Philips ST80i has a compact


wireless patient module that enhances traditional stress-testing systems.


- Wireless, compact patient module reduces the hazard of tripping and enhances patient comfort and movement while


   still transmitting a clear, high-quality signal


- Reduces motion interference with the elimination of unwieldy cables


- Facilitates patient transition from exercise to bed for stress-echo procedure

Advanced analysis method

Philips ST80i features tools to help clinicians analyze stress ECG information.

Diagnose with confidence using algorithms designed in Philips Advanced Algorithm 
Research Center.


- Philips DXL Algorithm* uses sophisticated analytical methods for interpreting the resting ECG and ST

- Maps, the same algorithm used in Philips ECG equipment.


- Philips CAlg algorithm is designed specifically for stress testing.* DXL ECG Algorithm can provide ECG analysis for a standard resting ECG using standard chest and limb leads. Other configurations are not supported.







View comprehensive ST segment and morphology analysis in an anatomically intelligent format.


- View ST Maps, patented visual anatomical representation of ST deviations in frontal and horizontal planes.


- Quickly identify anomalies with the dynamic Zoomed ST display.


- Monitor ST changes with auto-comparison of current and reference beat.


- Watch for ST level and slope changes using the 12-lead average complexes.


- Clearly see arrhythmias with Dominant Rhythm Change notifications.


- Access comprehensive and customizable reports with prognostic indicators (Risk Scores).